Back From Blah:(

Well, we’re back.  THANK GOD!!!!

So, you say why so glum?  Well, it goes like this….We got to Colorado and the resort was pretty nice.  It was like a little town with lots to do (besides skiing).  I left DD in daycare for the first time (and it KILLED me to do it) so I could take another ski lesson.  I did pretty well, only fell a few times on the bunny hill.  But then I decided I’d try a green hill (1 up from bunny hill)….not so bright.  I of course go down a 3.5 mile hill and I am NOT in shape.  Needless to say, squatting for 3.5 miles and falling on my arse a dozen times gets ya tired!  You can really see the bruises in my pics (right and left).  I took a yoga class the next day and that really helped with my sore muscles.

THEN……..the son of the other couple that went with us got sick….then his mother got sick, Katie got sick, I got sick, the other father got sick, and finally Tom got sick.  So the drive back to Denver and the subsequent flight home was no picnic.  I felt so bad for the babies.  When the little boy of the other couple first threw up, it was like the exorcist and Katie got sick in the middle of the night so I slept on the bathroom floor with her.  DD would wake up, dry heave, cry, and go back to sleep.  My poor baby  So we had kind of a tough week.  But now we’re home and we’re getting back to normal.  DH is still not well and DD seems out of sorts but I think we’ll all be better in a few days.

On the knitting front….I’ve made quite a bit of progress on Kyoto.  I like the texture of the double seed stitch but it is kind of tedious.  I also got to test out my purse and I’ve decided I like it, but I’m going to felt it again.  It’s still kind of stretchy plus a woman on one of my message boards said you can still see the stitches (which is true).  The thing I’m dreading is that I’m going to have to rip out the zipper and resew it.  I don’t like sewing 

Anywho, I think that’s about enough for today.  Oh, I added a few pictures.  I have a couple from our trip to Disney World last year.  I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time so I couldn’t go on several of the rides.  Take care and have a great day!


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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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