A productive day

Today I got A LOT done!  I did several loads of laundry and went through all the holiday decorations and put them into bins.  Hopefully this organization will make it easier to find stuff in the coming year  I’ve also gotten more knitting done.  The 2 pictures I’ve posted I took yesterday and now I’m quite a bit further on both projects!  Yea me  I really like how Clapotis is turning out and I’m still on the increase rows.  I’m really motivated to work on it because I’ve seen several other knitters who have finished their’s and they look great!  Here are links to the one’s I admire: Froggy knits, Natalie and Fuzzynoodle.  I really like the colors Froggy used (I’m sure you can’t see why).  I haven’t made as much progress on on the pulse warmers because I don’t like working on it while DD is around.  The needles are so small and pointy I’m afraid she’ll somehow hurt herself on them (she’s VERY curious).  The color didn’t turn out very good in the picture, but they are navy blue and the beads are clear iridescent.

I found out from DH about the whole comments thing.  I guess you don’t have to have a hotmail account, just a .net account which can be any e-mail address.  You just have to sign up for a .net account.  I guess I can see why Microsoft requires e-mail verification for their sites so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Have a good day!



About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi girl !!! i don`t speak english veeeery well cause i am from brasil but i was reading your space in a few minutes and i like it!!! kisses…coment in my blog please chicken!!!

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