As I’m sure you know, I graduated from the Universty of Illinois.  Needless to say, my team’s first appearance at the NCAA championship was a serious disappointment.  I mean, WTF??  They played great saturday, why’d they play so crappy tonight?  Grrrrrrrr

My Mom & Daddy came to visit this weekend.  It was great to see them again; it’s been since Christmas since I saw them last.  My parents bought LOTS of stuff for DD.  She got a high chair (which she really needed), a couple little outfits, and a gumball machine.  Unfortunately DD didn’t cooperate very well for pictures so the ones I’ve posted aren’t the best.

I’ve been mulling over knitty again and Maryella is seriously growing on me.  I checked some blogs and really like the way it looks.  I went to The Bead Monkey and Creative Fibers to get beads and needles respectively.  I bought size 0000 needles for the project……yes, 0000 which have a diameter of 1.25 mm.  Pretty tiny.  I also got size 2’s for more socks.  I picked up a skein of Magic Stripes at Hancock Fabrics on friday and the label calls for 3’s but I think I’d like to try 2’s.  By the by, it only takes one skein of MS to make a pair of socks and Hancock is the only store I’ve seen where you can buy it.  Ya know, it’s so sad; I am ITCHING to start half a dozen projects but I am still trying to get all these other things done.  I want to do Maryella, Skating Queen, Shapely Tank (or Tee), and a Hoodie of my own design.  I’m thinking that when I finish my corrugated socks I’ll do either the tank or the skirt….maybe both?  I think I’d really like to make the tank out of Cotton Fleece (I love that stuff!!).  I did pick up the corrugated socks again and am over 1/2 done with the first sock, yay!!  Okay, I think that’s enough for tonight……plus I’m tired

Have a great day!


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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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