Still feelin’ crappy

It hurts to talk…..that’s just not right!  DH doesn’t seem to mind but DD wonders why no one will talk to her.  We’ve had to skip bedtime stories the past 2 nights, but I’m sure she’ll forgive me.  Looks like I’m not the only one in the sick house; Meleah is also under the weather.  That’s gotta stink when you have a puppy who wants to play all day….and who hasn’t figured out that she needs to do her business outside  Good thing Genevieve is cute!  I’ve decided it pretty much sucks to be sick and have to take care of other people who are also sick

OK, so here is my monthly goal review………I completed one……..ONE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!  On the plus side I did finish my socks a day late (but not a dollar short) and I wore them yesterday….comfy.  I  Merino wool.  Maybe if DH is really good I’ll make him a pair of Koigu socks.  I made them asymetrical because I figured they needed to by whimsical since they are homemade.  OK so back to my goals…..I did make a swatch for DD’s cardigan and I finished the fronts of Kyoto.  Technically I also said I needed to cast on for the cardigan so I don’t consider that goal met.  I did, however, cast on for the first sleeve yesterday so yay me  I decided to be a little more conservative on this month’s goals.  For Kyoto I only need to complete one sleeve; it’s in boring stockinette stitch so I know it’ll be hard for me to work on.  As for the pulse warmers, I know I could easily finish them in a day or 2 but I need to work on them when DD is sleeping or otherwise occupied.  Sharp little pointy sticks are fun!!

So this entry is a little scatterbrained.  Sorry, I’m still tired from coughing last night and I’m constantly trying to wipe DD little nose.  I posted some more pictures so I hope you’ll forgive me  I of course included my completed socks, but I also have a pic of DD in Chicago, and 2 of my three pets, Tumbleweed (I didn’t name her and normally she looks happier) and Hobbes.  There are more pictures under "Family".  Have a great day!


About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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