Oh the Drama…

So I belong to the Twin Cities Stitch ‘n Bitch message board and there has been more bitching than stitching.  One of the ladies designed a little logo (which I think is cute) for us to put on t-shirts or tote bags etc.  Now she did this of her own free-will on her own time and it is NOT madatory that everyone uses it.  Well, there is one woman who belongs to the board and she is a total buzz-kill.  One woman posted a message about possibly opening her own LYS and this person completely poo-pooh’ed the idea.  When Yarn Cafe’ opened, she got all pissy because they were opening in the same town as another LYS.  And now she is being a total b!#$& about this logo saying it was "forced down our throats" and that it was "bad."  Then she made a logo of her own and it is what I would consider poorly done.  I am VERY close to quitting this group because of this one person.  The funny thing is that before all this drama I was actually going to e-mail the moderator to see if there was something she could do to curtail all the negativity.

Okay, enough of that, I am through with the bad karma and moving on…..the fam and I went to the Shepherd’s Harvest on sunday.  DD got to pet a lamb and a llama and Mommy got a nostepinne (or nostepinde).  I know it looks like something dirty, but it’s not.  A noste is a Scandinavian yarn winding tool.  It’s so sad when something so small makes me so happy  The instructions for using a noste are on the Hatchtown Farm’s website and hopefully I will as be a capable with it as the directions claim.  I am almost done with the Booga Bag.  All that’s left is to do is add my design and felt it!  I can’t wait to see how she looks when I’m finished.  I’m trying to do a little bit each day on Kyoto and am 5" along on the right sleeve.  I worked on both when I met the gals at the coffe shop.  Lisa forgot her knitting so she was just hangin’ out (I forgot my stuff the first time we met, oops) but she did show off her yarn from the Shepherd’s Harvest and her completed Sophie bag; Amy showed us her "knitting for the cure" purchase which was 2 skeins of beautiful pink yarn; and Kelle was working on her Monk’s Travel Satchel

So that’s my life in a nutshell the past few days.  Have a great few days yourself!



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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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2 Responses to Oh the Drama…

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Beth,Glad to see you are still making progress on the Kyoto, I can\’t wait to see the finished product.It sounds like you had fun at the harvest — I had never heard of a nostepin until you posted. I just use my thumb.

  2. Kelle says:

    Beth you had me going there for a moment, I miss read what you wrote, I thought you said your dd got a pet lamb and llama. I was wondering if you were letting them sleep in the bedroom with her.I wouldn\’t worry about the TCSnB group we go through this every so often. Tempers flare up from time to time. It will cool off and the more calmer voices will be heard again. I myself feel a rant coming on concerning perpetuation of the saying, If you have nothing good to say you should say nothing at all. This is a line fed to the women through out our history to keep their voices from being heard. It angers me and saddens me that women are still pushing this propoganda. I would like to vent my rant on the TCSnB group but I don\’t think it would be well received right now. I may put something on the forum, no one tends to read the bitch part anyway, Or maybe on my blog, same thing there. Ha Ha I think it was a Mae West line that said "If you\’ve got nothing good to say, come over and sit by me." Kelle

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