Very Interesting?

DH has been going on 4 mile walks almost every day.  Today, while on said walk he was flipping through songs on his MP3 player to look up and see a goose flying at his head.  He quickly through his hands up and knocked the bird up and behind him only to have the bomber attack him at his side.  He knocks the goose away from him and looks down to see the defending father’s brood.  DH then runs as the goose hisses behind him.  Moral of the story….DON’T MESS WITH DAD!!!

So I know that isn’t knitting related but I thought it was funny.  Did you know that back in the day in Ireland mothers taught their daughters to knit using goose feathers?  (Thanks "Knitty Gritty"!)  Okay, kind of random but I sort of tied the story to knitting…..anyway, I took a picture of the sun design on my Booga bag.  It looks good so far (in my humble opinion).  It’s funny, I actually kind of enjoy doing math and whenever I would get a problem wrong in school (and it usually was WAY wrong) it was because I went too fast and didn’t properly check my work……I do believe that was my error with the sun design.  I was only missing one small block of stitches on the whole thing.  Maybe I should have done the moon first since it has half the stitches.  Oh well, live and learn.  Did I mention that duplicate stitch is slightly tedious?

I am LOVING At Knit’s End by the Yarn Harlot.  I’m actually kind of bummed out that she isn’t coming to the north midwest at all on her book tour  It’s sad when as I am reading each of the meditations that I’m giggling and shaking my head "yes."  Sad or scary, one of the two.  I’m off to bed, have a great weekend!


About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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