You know your addicted when….

On sunday DH was watching a show on Las Vegas.  A casino manager was showing off the high stakes slot machines; he put 2 tokens into the machine, pulled the lever, lost, and proudly announced he lost $1000.  Obviously it was not his money, but the first thought that entered my mind was ‘*Gasp*…$1000 would buy a TON of yarn!!’  The more I’ve read in At Knit’s End, the more I realize that I am not the ONLY one who is slightly addicted. 

I finished the sun & moon decorations on the Booga bag and it’s taking it’s hot bath.  I’ve included a picture of the sandals it will match too.  Yesterday I made a trip to Joann’s to buy fabric to line the Booga (this fabric is similar to what I got except the stars are yellow).  I also got Cotton-Ease because Lion Brand is discontuing it  I’m totally bummed.  Tipper wrote it was going away so I sent an e-mail to the company; this is what I wrote:  I heard a terrible rumor that you are discontinuing Cotton-Ease.  Please tell me it is not true!  Cotton-Ease is great, I’ve used it on several items for my infant daughter.  I actually try to use it on any pattern that calls for a cotton or blend because it is inexpensive and has a great hand.  I hope you will not stop producing this yarn.  Thank you.

This is the response I got back from them:  This yarn is being discontinued. We have lots of colors left in stock.
With Warm Regards,
Customer Support
Lion Brand Yarn Company

Nice huh?  So I kinda went all out.  I bought Candy Blue at Joann’s and Ice Blue, Blueberry (are you seeing a pattern here?), Orangeade, Licorice, and Vanilla at Hancock (which has it 30% off by the way).  I was planning on doing a hybrid of "Nothing But a T-Shirt" and "Shapely Tee" out of Cotton-Ease in the future.  I was also thinking of making another pinafore/tunic for DD in the nearer future, hence the stock-piling of inexpensive cotton yarn.  As you can tell, I’m not a total yarn snob.  I do like koigu A LOT but not enough to spend the $$ on it to make a sweater and frankly, if it feels good, who’s really going to know you only spend $30 to make a sweater

Well, I think that’s enough for today…..I guess I made up for not writing for 4 days  Take care!


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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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