Love, thy name is Addi Turbo

Apparently, the fourth time is the charm.  I finally got the problem with my fixation socks fixed.  I even tried out the magic loop technique.  I think I like the magic loop better than the two-circular method because I didn’t have all the extra needles hanging behind the work.  I went to Borealis on thursday with Meleah…we ate at Taste of Thailand…mmmmm, tasty.  But I digress, Meleah picked up yarn for the Buttonhole bag exchange and I got my Addi’s & some Malabrigo.  I first enjoyed using Addi’s when I made Kyoto and now I am HOOKED!  I’m surprised that I haven’t pitched my other needles and replaced them all with Addi Turbo’s.  The Malabrigo is for my hoodie; I’m going to make the hood out of it.
I sent a picture of KT (aka DD) in her Tivoli to Grumperina and she put it on her Tivoli reader’s knits page.  How cool is that!  I feel all warm and fuzzy inside….or maybe that’s the Chipotle talking.
Well, I’m off for a few days; I’ll try to blog but no guarantees.  I will be checking my e-mail so feel free to drop me a line. Have a great week. And…
Happy Birthday Jenn!!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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3 Responses to Love, thy name is Addi Turbo

  1. Kelle says:

    I like the magic loop method too, I tried the two needle method and I didn\’t like all the dangling ends. Turbo Addi\’s have worked the best for me using the magic loop the join is so much smoother than any other needle I\’ve used. I\’m glad you\’ve figured out the socks.

  2. Unknown says:

    Hey! I was at Borealis on Thursday, too! I work a few blocks from the store and stopped to get some sock yarn over my lunch hour. I haven\’t been to Taste of Thailand, yet, but will have to swing by one of these days. Fixation is a fun yarn, but I always seem to get a little gap in the gusset area…eeek! I can\’t seem to figure out how to get rid of it.Have you been to Depth of Field? I went there recently and was blown away by their Addis wall! I didn\’t stop to take a close look because I was afraid I might empty my wallet!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    That\’s funny you were at Borealis too:) I saw they have quite a selection of Fixation so I might have to make another trip there when I get back.

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