Sick babies and other things

I went so long without blogging that there is so much I haven’t written about.  Like last week….
On friday I made a trek to Yarnzilla because they are having a sale on Cotton Fleece…mmmmmmm, yummy.  The sale applies to web transactions too so please check it out if you like CF as much as I do! (see Clapotis & Kyoto to see what I mean).  Saturday I worked at the pet hospital and we weren’t too busy because my boss helped me wind the yarn for my Magic Stripe socks.  It’s so funny to watch a grown man tangled in yarn get frustrated because I’m winding too fast and the yarn will get tangled again….Dr S is so anal retentive.  That night we went to a house warming/birthday party for one of my co-workers.  It was a good time and the cake was DE-LICIOUS.  Sunday…nada, monday…ditto, tuesday KT got sick and I mean SICK.  I was heading to Byerly’s and just as we walked in the store I was bathed in baby food.  Naturally I turned around.  So now I’m standing in the parking lot with a handful of wet paper towels and a semi-nude baby….good times.  Since I was drenched in puke and really could not stand the smell all the way home I was forced to drive home topless.  Lucky for me the ride home was mostly on the interstate so not a lot of people looked in on me & my hot pink bra.  So the rest of the day, KT was tired but otherwise normal.  She threw up twice more and that was it.  Yesterday we tried to go to Stitch ‘n Bitch but unfortunately it was too soon and we had to leave early.  So far, KT has been acting like herself just sleeping more, which is a good thing.  I’m hoping she’ll be back to normal by tomorrow or saturday…she can’t loose much weight, she’s so tiny.
So here is the low-down on my SnB gals:  Amy was working on her Einstein coat which is coming along beautifully; Sue was working on a basketweave pattern (I didn’t ask what it was); Kelle showed us a sock she made for her daughter & she was working on the Fair Isle sweater for her daughter’s violin teacher, Meleah was working on her lace leaf socks in a fun spring colorway; and Lisa….well, I left as she was arriving.  But I noticed that Lisa and I were twinkies…we had the same light-blue raglan t-shirt from Target. Yesterday I also noticed the new Magknits is up so check it out.  I noticed that Grumperina submitted her Tivoli (Picovoli).  Congratulations on being published!  I asked Grumperina if it would be okay for me to post my variation on the Tivoli and she said that would be okay, but I’m going to wait awhile so it doesn’t look like I’m copying her.  I’ve noticed I’ve had quite a few more hits from her -voli gallery.   Now I feel like I should be posting more…..THE PRESSURE!!  just kidding….I’m a dork
Well, this is obviously way too long a post, I hope you’ll forgive me  Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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