Little green monster>:D

Yesterday I went to the evening Stitch ‘n Bitch with KT.  At first I thought I might be stood up like Lisa was a couple weeks ago, but Lisa showed up sans knitting.  Oops…I’ve almost done that a couple of times myself.  But she did stay to talk and have some tea, and I found out that she and her family are going to Disney World later this year…..DISNEY WORLD!!!!!  Can I TELL you how jealous I am right now?!?  Did I mention that I have a certain corporate symbol permanently inked on my back?  But I digress…..I love Disney World, DH & I went there on our honeymoon, 2 years ago we went while KT was in-utero and that’s not counting the times my family went when I was little.  *sigh*  My Dad really wants to do a Magical Gathering next year which would be just about the right age for KT; I think she’ll be old enough to enjoy it  So now I’m going to have to pester Lisa and find out where she’s staying and for how long and what she’s planning on doing etc, etc…just kidding.
In knitting news….the new Knitty is up.
I don’t usually dissect the various knitting magazines but at first glance I could have sworn this was the "Aran" issue.  Today I ripped out my first striped sock past the heel so I could re-knit it properly.  I don’t know why, but the heel just felt too shallow so I’m going to make the foot a little longer.  I’m still working on the short-row toe of DH’s sock but I won’t be too long before I’m past that.  I know I should be working on my striped sweater but I am a sluck (sock-slut) and just can’t get away from the socks…..I REALLY want to start on the Wyvern socks from Marnie MacLean but I just can’t do that before finishing one of the other 2 pairs  Patience is a virtue……….but I am not very virtuous. 
Have a great day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to Little green monster>:D

  1. Unknown says:

    I wish I could have been there…after rallying the troops for Wednesday night knitting while oldest son was at karate, said karate school changed the schedule. Weeknights are kaplooey for me. Dang it anyway.

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