Return of the bag lady

Yesterday we went to the Stitch ‘n Bitch at a local coffee house but unfortunately there was a miscommunication and some of the ladies ended up at another coffee house.  Oops!  Meleah called me and said, "come and knit!" to which I said, "I am!"  Amy, Sue & I had settled in for knitting and coffee so we decided to stay where we were and Ann & Meleah were also comfortable so they stayed where they were.  Needless to say, we had two simultanious SnB’s!  I brought Amy, Sue & Meleah’s Buttonhole bags with me so I felt like a cross between a bag lady and Santa Claus.  Which reminds me, if you want to see another shot of the BH bags check out Dyann’s entry.  She got a different angle so you can get a better view of some of the bags.  Amy showed me her latest FO, a Jayne Cobb hat.  She did a great job on it and you can read her story in this entry.  I noticed quite a few knitters have made this hat in preparation for Serenity.  Aren’t knitters fun? Here are several people who made the infamous hat, Quantum Tea, Tipper, Sarah’s craft closet, etc, etc.
Today I ran to Target for the usual, but I did get a few things for myself.  I’m really enjoying the workout wear from C9 so I got these pants.  They are SOOOOO comfortable and they make my keister look, um, nice  I also got a sports radio.  I got one like it in college but unfortunately it has just about bit the dust.  This one is much better because it’s got 15 FM presets and a stopwatch & countdown timer.  I’ve been much better about working out so I figure it’s something I will be able to use a lot, plus my old one is dying.  I know MP3 players are really big right now, but I just can’t get one.  My PDA has the ability to play MP3’s but there isn’t enough memory for me to use it.  Eventually I’d like to get an extended memory card for that purpose.
I’m making some pretty good progress on my striped tee so I’ll need to post pics of it soon.  I keep stalling because I’m so close to being done I just figure that I’ll get a pic when it’s completed.  Oh wel
Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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