A Week in Review

We’re back from the Prairie State and slowly recovering.  Just kidding Mom  Surprise, surprise, I didn’t get much sleep; KT didn’t want to sleep the night before we came home.  She did the same thing the night before we left for IL…you think she knew?  Anyway, as I said before, I made a trip to Yarnzilla the day before we left and I finished the short-shrug in just 4 days (with a couple of distractions). 
I knitted like a fiend for the 7 hr car ride so I thought for sure I’d have it done by the next day; oh well, life goes on.  I found out too late that the hotel we spent the night in didn’t allow pets so T’weed spent the night at my parents’.  The rehersal & dinner was on friday and almost all of my family was there, even my Dad’s AFS sister Siw (pr. Seev) & her husband Bangt!  They came all the way from Sweden for my brother’s wedding, how cool!  Saturday was the wedding and it was a good time.  The pictures were hilarious!  Andy & his groomsmen kept hamming it up for the camera which was fun-ny  The reception was fun until KT had too much cake and did the Hokey-Pokey (with the bride).  She up-chucked on her Dad.  Good times.  The smell made him sick and I had a headache/neckache from my stupid halter bra strap so we left early, while my parents stayed out until 2AM!!  What the hell?  My parents (& my brother’s IL’s) are bigger party animals than I am!  Sunday, my Mom had a luncheon for the out of town family and my FIL came up to visit KT.  The rest of the week we spent just hanging out with the fam.  My Mom said she enjoyed having us around for so long; I’m sure it’s gotta be hard for her to have her only grandchild so far away
I worked on the 2 projects I brought along with me, a record!  I brought 2, worked on both….sweet.  The hoodie has the sleeves attached and DH’s sock is nearly to the heel, yea me!
Well, I think this is long enough, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure; there are more pics on my flickr file
Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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