My Elbow Hurts

Yesterday I fell on the ice in front of our door.  I was taking the Weed out and I fell on my back; I lost my glasses, a shoe & my dignity.  I now have a nasty bruise on my upper arm and my elbow, forearm & wrist hurt, not to mention my neck & upper chest…..what’s up with that?  Falling didn’t help my ill mood yesterday either.  What really got me mad with myself was that I took Tumbles out earlier and slipped a little and I didn’t remember when I took her out later.  So that led to me being more pissy.  I don’t know what my deal was but I was so selfish yesterday  I wanted to sit and do nothing (maybe knit).  I feel sorry for KT and T’weed since I wasn’t as tentative to their needs (& a major b!tcH)
Enough bitching, on to stitching…..I finished the Russian hat for KT and she looks so cute!  I can’t wait to blackmail her later in life for wearing the silly hat. 
I also started on a Hayden hat for DH since I never finished the other hat I planned on giving him for Christmas ’04.  I’m a jerk sometimes  And since I’m going with the hat trend I can reveal the secret gift for my friend’s son.  I made the Shedir from knitty’s fall ’04 surprise for Liam (since they are Irish, I thought the cabling would be appropriate).  DH said I should give it to Sarah-Kate now so that Liam can wear it while it’s getting cold, so it’s an early Christmas gift.  Speaking of knitty, the new issue is up!
That’s all for now.  I’m in a better mood today, I’m sure I’ll improve tomorrow.  I want to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "little" brother Aaron (he’s in the middle in the link), his birthday was the 5th and he is 23.
Andy                             Me
Have a great day everyone!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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