Yeah, no. 
We got back wednesday from our visit to the fam down in Illinois.  Our car was freakin’ crammed to the gills with stuff from our families.  Not for us mind you, but for the little Punkin’.  This kid has so many stuffed animals it is unreal.  On tuesday KT wasn’t feeling well.  She had a stuffy nose and was coughing so I think all those kisses might have gotten her sick…poor baby  Yesterday, she slept for about 4 hours and wanted to cuddle a lot; I hope this passes soon because she is so pathetic when she’s sick.  Not to mention that DH said his throat was bothering him and I haven’t been feeling all that great…..I still need to get freakin’ groceries!
Anyway, I started on a pair of pulsewarmers and a pair of socks pour moi (yeah, I’m selfish) while in Illinois and yesterday I had to frog my SP scarf.  I re-read the e-mail from Nic and I realized that she wanted me to make the short-row rib scarf from Magknits…..I am a jerk  Luckily the pattern is pretty easy so I should be able to finish it pretty quickly….I hope.
Have a good day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to Vacation??

  1. Unknown says:

    Well, at least it\’s a lovely scarf and probably interesting to knit…Hopefully everyone feels better soon! And that you got your groceries and were able to just hunker down and watch the snow…

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