Okay, so spaces has been really weird today for some reason.  I’m going to do a quick post just to say hey and put in my 2 cents, etc, etc.  Yesterday I felt the need to make a pair of clogs for KT; today, 1 is done.  That is the nice thing about baby stuff, it’s all so fast!  I’m sure I’ll probably have the other one done in a few days and then they can take a nice hot bath.  As to what I will do with them once they have been felted I do not know.  I’d like to add soles to them so they can be worn outside but I need to get some other things done before that (*ahem* scarf *ahem*).  If I do get around to "sole-ing" them (I crack myself up) I might have to do a big girl size pour moi and perhaps even post a pattern….shocking!!
Today KT & met with the ladies at Bruegger’s Bagels.  A couple people came up to ask us what we were doing or if it was for some purpose, etc.  It’s kind of nice to be noticed  So now, on to the review:
Kelle  A scarf for her Scarf Pall in a pale pink/coral color of Malabrigo*
Chris  A "jumper" in a fun white boucle’ yarn (she’s a kiwi, you know)
Sue  This brave soul has re-started her grey basketweave coat
Lisa  Sporting her new cable pullover from Vogue, she cast on for a bright sock
Amy Broadripple socks in purple/white/green Cascade fixation
Anne Unfortunately, she spent her time winding a misbehaving wool for a hat
(*Maybe it’s just me but I think Malabrigo needs to come with a warning:  "Caution, this yarn is addictive.  If you value your money and your sanity, please step away and pick something else."  Koigu should probably come with this warning as well.)
I listened to a few more KnitCast‘s yesterday and I must say I particularly like the ones in which she interviews designers.  The one with Stephanie Japel, Yarn Harlot, & Kate Gilbert are all really good.  I was particularly interested to learn that Ms Gilbert prefers to wear her Clapotis purl-side out.  Naturally I did the same today and I too prefer it that way; it really does look like a wave.  I’m such a copycat  Yesterday I also bought a new book, The Stitchionary by Vogue Knitting.  It looks interesting and there are quite a few stitch patterns I’m eager to try!
Well, the cats are getting antsy (food) so I should probably saite them.  Have a good day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Those are the episodes of KnitCast that I like best, too!

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