Trials & Tribulations

Maybe crime & punishment would be a better description.  DH got contacts sunday and man, what a pain…for me!  It took him an hour to put them in yesterday and he used several profanities.  I kept trying to tell him to just relax, take a deep breath and try again but he would get so frustrated.  He didn’t wear them today so I didn’t have to endure the f-bombs.  Yesterday I did some research on the family tree, which is a lot of fun.  It’s interesting to see from where your family comes.  Unfortunately I discovered that there was a time when my family didn’t have as deep a branches.  My Dad’s family comes from a small island in Norway and there was more than once when first cousins married…..C R-E E P Y!!  Apparently they were trying to collapse the pedigree but fortunately for me, that was a long time ago!  DH’s family is pretty cool because I was able to trace it all the way back to the 1500’s when one of his ancestors came over form England.  He also is related to Antoine de la Mothe de Cadillac the dude who founded Detroit and for who Cadillac Mountain & the car company were named.  One of DH’s ancestors married one of Antoine Cadillac’s granddaughters.  Cool huh?
And now for knitting content…..I finished my scarf and it looks pretty good, if I say so myself….and I do!  I just hope my Pal likes it; if nothing else she’ll like the way it feels even if she doesn’t like the way it looks, but I hope she does like the way it looks  I’m also chomping at the bit to get my size 5 addi’s because the yarn is calling to me from my closet saying "knit me, knit me!!!"  I’m sure they’ll be in later this week.  It’s strange that I have like 4 size 7 needles and no size 5’s.  I don’t think I even have 5’s in straights or double points, weird huh?  Anyway, I’m going to probably bring my fixation socks with me to SnB tomorrow so I can get my sock fix.  I know I REALLY should be working on DH’s socks but I can’t bring myself to continue…black socks on size 2’s…what was I thinking?  At any rate, have a great day!




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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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3 Responses to Trials & Tribulations

  1. Unknown says:

    Oh, my sympathies to your DH – back when I wore contacts, I initially had a lot of trouble getting them in. Practice and patience – maybe he can start out wearing them on the weekends, when he doedn\’t have any time pressure to get them in.Good luck on the black socks! I do ok with black socks on tiny needles when they\’re for me, but not so well when they\’re for other people… 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the advice. DH works at home so the time constraints aren\’t really an issue; he\’s just impatient.The thing I don\’t like about the black socks is that it\’s so hard to see the stitches. Really annoying!

  3. Unknown says:

    I only work on black socks in my knitting chair under the halogen. Very very bright. 🙂

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