Warning: Non-Knitting Content Ahead

So, I decided to show about whom I’m talking
Darling Husband-This is the man I love.  We met in 1997 while attending U of I.  I was with a friend while she was visiting her boyfriend and I peeked my head in his room.  He had a broken arm so I asked to sign his cast.  It was all downhill from there  We’ve been married since June 1999.
Tumbleweed-About 8 months after we were married, someone brought in a stray dog to my vet clinic.  Turns out she fell off of an 8 ft retaining wall and had broken both of her front legs.  Dr Ward named her, put casts on both of her legs and hoped for the best.  When I came in the next day to work I looked in to see the new guest she started wagging her tail.  I knew I had to have her!!  Luckily DH was willing to take in this little stray and when she was all healed, she came home with us.  She’s a very good dog
Hobbes-In case you couldn’t tell, DH is a Calvin & Hobbes fan.  One of my co-workers (& friend) at the animal hospital found a mother cat & 6 kittens in the spring of 2000.  She brought in the mother to be spayed and found homes for all the kittens (good woman).  Hobbes was the only one with the bullseye pattern and her temporary name was "Elizabeth."  Clearly it was meant to be!
Susie Derkins-Same co-worker/friend found 2 more kittens at the same location a few months later; these kittens were only 3 weeks old, however.  My friend took care of these guys until they were old enough for homes.  Susie was also bullseye patterned & so cute!!!  Hobbes had pretty much become DH’s cat so I wanted a cat of my own, plus I knew that the 2 cats had to be related in some way (their patterns are almost identical).  I named her to go with the Calvin & Hobbes theme.  Unfortunately Susie has become anti-social (by anti-social I mean she pees outside the litterbox) so she needs to be medicated, but she’s much better now.
KT-aka, the pookie, the punkin’, etc.  My little girl was born July 2004 after 13 hours of (induced) labor.  It has definately been a learning experience being her mother; she’s so curious, it’s like she’s a little sponge!  Ever since she learned to move, I’ve been on my toes!  She’s such a sweetheart & I can only imagine the kind of woman she’ll be.
Well, that’s the fam and now you know the rest of the story

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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2 Responses to Warning: Non-Knitting Content Ahead

  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks for sharing! What a fine lookin\’ family you all are. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    What a lovely family you have. We missed you at SnB. You can always tell that your children are really sick when they are so quietly sad and agreeable. I hope Katie is feeling better now.

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