Slightly Weird

How should I begin?  We’ll do the kinda icky one first.  I was going through my flickr account because you can see how many times a photo has been viewed, marked as "favorite", etc, etc.  Well, some random dude marked this one as a favorite
Magic Stripes Socks 3
Which is fine except that my description says "Toe-up socks, ain’t they cute?" and this guy comments "your feet are."  A little weird.  I guess we all have our own fetishes and this seems pretty harmless so I’m not overly worried, just a little grossed out
Now for the self weirdness.  I’ve been fondling my yarn.
Super Merino!
Tell me you wouldn’t fondle this yarn!!!  I pick it up and squeeeeze it….it’s so soft and yummy.  Maybe I shouldn’t knit it up and just keep it in it current state of lusciousness….mmmmmmmmmmm!  In the Yarn Harlot’s new book, The Secret Life of a Knitter, she talks about how some of her stash is just for keeping and that she will not knit it up just because.  I used to think that was kind of strange but now I think I understand  I feel better having confessed my obsession.  Have a good day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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2 Responses to Slightly Weird

  1. Unknown says:

    After Stashalong is over, I\’ll probably buy a skein of the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk just to have at my desk at work for petting…

  2. ♡MightyMouseMommy♡ says:

    Stumbled on your blog a week or so ago doing a search for SAHM\’s on spaces (of which I am a proud member of)I\’m a VERY tactile person and often keep things around simply because of the way they feel. I\’ve been thinking lately of taking up knitting and I\’m sure if I do I\’ll probably have more yarn I keep to fondle than yarn I use to knit with 🙂 You should let Katie get a good squish in on it, my little one LOVES new textures!

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