It’s February 1, so just to be safe: rabbit, rabbit!  Today we had our SnB and we had someone new join us.  Georgia has been knitting for awhile and actually found us by trying to find another Twin Cities group.  We were glad she decided to come!  Here is the weekly roundup:
Anne was working on a purple/black/white/grey striped sock
Sue was knitting the sleeve for her walking around jacket
Meleah had so much yarn left over from her cabled sweater that she made cabled mittens!
Chris gave away her hat so she was making another green fuzzy brimmed hat
Georgia (the newbie) was making booties to wear on her daughter’s new floors
Lisa was sucked in by Amy and showed us a couple fish for her fish blanket
Lisa also informed me today that she also had to break out the creep repllent recently (see my entry from Jan 22).  Some weirdo left her a comment saying her site was "perfect" and he left a picture of his foot.  Personally I have no issues if people are into feet, but not everyone is!  If you want to take up a foot fetish try to find other people who are like-minded and not just a person who likes to knit socks.  It’s creepy and gross!
And now for something completely different…..
Today I decided I need mittens so I cast-on for the Broad Street Mittens.  I made a pair of fingerless gloves forever ago and I do like them a lot but I also like the warmth of mittens.  Of course I decide to make them as we are coming to the end of winter  Story of my life.  Anyway, I also worked on the sleeve for the baby sweater.  The cuff looks kind of wonky but I think that’s the nature of the cable and once it’s blocked it’ll look cute.
The new Magknits is up!  I MUST make the Odessa hat!!!!!!!!!  I’d probably nix the beads but it is so cute!  So that’s all for tonight….have a good day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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