Dipping My Toes

So Deb from Coldwater asked me what pattern I used for my Supermerino socks.  I basically used the Cybersock pattern from the Socknitter’s homepage but I put my own spin on it…..and it’s all on one page.  Here is my first attempt at pattern writing.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions or corrections (Amy, feel free to check my grammar)(bethblueroomAThotmailDOTcom).  Enjoy!


TOE-UP SOCK WITH GUSSET & HEEL FLAP based on Denise Powell’s pattern

Materials: 2 skeins Artyarn’s Supermerino, size 5 dpn’s or long circular

Gauge: ~5.5 sts & 9 rows=1” on size 5 ndls
Abbrev: I know you all know what I mean, but just in case…

            k=knit                          p=purl

            inc=increase                M1=make one

            k2tog=knit 2 together    ssk=slip, slip, knit 

            p2tog=purl 2 together



Cast-on using the figure 8 or easy method.  K 2 rnds even.  Round 3: k2, M1, k4, M1, k4, M1, k4, M1, k2. Rnd 4: k around. Rnd 5: k2, M1, k6, M1, k4, M1, k6, M1, k2.  Rnd 6: k around.  Repeat these 2 rnds until you reach the desired number of stitches (I knit to 40 sts) we’ll call this X (yes you will be tested later on this).  Cont k around until you reach the front of your leg.

Gusset Increases:

Round 1: inc in first st, k across to 1 st before the ½ point, inc 1, k rest of the way around (if you’re using 4 dpns inc in 1st st of ndl 1 and in last st of ndl 2, or if you’re using the Magic Loop [my fav] inc in 1st & last st of 1st ndl).  Rnd 2: k1, pm, k to last 2 sts, pm, k across. Rnd 3: k to marker, M1, k to marker, M1, k to end. Rnd 4: k around.  Rep these last 2 rounds until you are 1” from the end of your heel (I increased 8 sts on either side).  The sts between where the inc are, are the instep sts.

Heel turn:

This is my favorite part!  K across the instep sts to the sole which will be 1/2X+gusset sts (told ya).  K across the sole sts to 1/2X-1 (to last st but don’t k it!), turn.  Row 2: yo, p across to last st, don’t k it, turn.  Row 3: yo, k to 2 sts from the end, turn.  Cont in this manner, skipping 1 st each row until you have 1/6X.
*Note on math:  It’s not that bad, just grab a calculator and a scrap piece of paper.  Now not all numbers are easily divisible by 6 so we have to do a little fudging.  Say X=40, 40/6=6 2/3 so we divide the heel sts as 7, 6, 7, which means we would have 7 short-row sts on either side and 6 sts in the middle.  Get it?  Let’s say X=56, 56/6=9 1/3 sts so the heel would be 9, 10, 9.  Basically you take 1/3 of the heel and if it’s __1/3 the middle has the extra st and if it’s __2/3 the short-rows have the extra sts.  See, math isn’t that bad

Okay, on to the pickup…

Gusset "Pickup"/Decrease:

When you have 1/6X short-rows done you should be turning to the RS.  Row 1: yo k across to next yo, pick-up the yo and k2tog, cont k2tog across to just before the gusset, pick-up a st between the heel and the gusset, k across to other gusset, pick-up 1 st between gusset and heel, do an SSK with the st and the following yo until you are back to the middle (if you are doing the magic loop you’ll probably want to readjust the loops so they come out on either side of the instep sts). Row 1: k across to last heel st, SSK last heel st with first gusset st, turn.  Row 2: sl1, p across to last st, p2tog last heel st with 1 gusset st, turn.  Row 3: sl1, k across to last st, SSK last heel st with next gusset st, turn.  Rep these 2 rows until you are back to X sts.


K around.  Inc as needed.  I inc ~4” up from the heel, did a double inc at the center back and inc every 5 rows thereafter.  At 5 ¾” up from the heel I started doing a 2×2 rib for 2” and did a backstitch bind-off.


Supermerino 1


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4 Responses to Dipping My Toes

  1. Unknown says:

    Funny – I use only the square toe cast on from Denise Powell\’s pattern and then use Judy Gibson\’s generic toe-up pattern! Sounds like you\’re using a lot of hers, but not the cast on. Her square toe cast on is like 1/2 of a Turkish cast on – it\’s wonderfully simple.Anyway – I am using Schaefer Anne for my Jaywalkers. When I was at Coldwater last week, they had a very similarly colored skein (since Anne doesn\’t have color numbers).

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank you so much Beth – I hope you didn\’t go to all that trouble just for me?  There may be a new contender for Knitting Olympics since I\’ve never done toe-up or two-at-a-time.  So many decisions, so little training time.

  3. Jenna Kalthoff says:

    When you’re doing the gusset increases for the second row, when you say knit to the last 2 stitches, are they the last two on the first needle (im using dpns) or the last two stitches before the halfway point?

  4. pinluva1234 says:

    For the gusset increases in the second round, when you say knit to the last 2 stitches, do you mean knit to the last two stitches on the first needle (using dpns) or to the second to last stitches before the halfway point?

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