Yes folks, Deb finally caved.  She has joined the blog-o-sphere with her (adorably name) Wound Too Tight.  One reason I’m excited that she has started a blog is that KT & I were mentioned in her first entry….yes, I am famous in my own mind.  I look forward to hearing her musings on knitting and life.  DH has also decided to start a blog although his is technology based and he’s not going to be adding "entries" he’ll be doing "articles"  He’s already gotten feedback on his site from other techheads.  Sorry to say, I’m more excited about Deb’s blog. 
The Broad Street Mittens are lookin’ good.  I’m working on the thumb so the mitten-top is all that will be left of the first one, yea  I’m making them with the dye your own sock yarn from knitpicks so I’m going to do the Kool-aid dip once they are done.  The yarn is soft and since I’m making the mittens on size 1 needles (I know, I’m crazy) I think they will be dense enough to make them warm and cozy.  I’ll post pictures….eventually.  The sleeves have been added to the baby sweater so from here on out it should go quickly (famous last words). 
One of my favorite Family Guy episodes was on last night.  To Live & Die in Dixie is great just because it has so many great one-liners from Peter:
"uuuuuuuh, it’s everywhere.  It’s in my raccoon wounds!"-in response to the outhouse tipping over while he was inside
"There’s a crunchberry under the fridge."-after falling through the floor
"Wait a minute. Pie? Drunk? The?, I think you got yourself a new sherrif!"
Overall, one of my favorite episodes and I’m not doing it justice.
And in a major blockhead move on my part….I didn’t check my e-mail for a few days and I got a message from Amy & from Deb saying that the Artyarn’s Supermerino was 30% off at the Coldwater Super Bowl sale.  I could just kick myself. 
Anyway, that’s all I have to report for now.  Have a good day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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2 Responses to Introducing….Deb!

  1. Unknown says:

    Oh you are too kind!!  My husband is also a techie kinda guy and I know I\’d much rather read knitting  blogs than "Hey Deb, now I can turn the all the lights in the house on and off from my cell phone while in Salt Lake City" blogs.  Thanks for the lovely intro.  Remember I have a secret stash for you.

  2. Happy says:

    Looks like you have been super busy! Everything looks great! LOVE the socks. I haven\’t gotten that far…yet…but I\’m sure I\’ll at least try some along the way.

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