Uuugh, It’s Everywhere!

Well, I’ve had a busy few days!  My Mom & Dad came into town friday night for a visit.  Saturday we went to a mall to watch KT play (there’s a play area near one of the entrance’s), we then had lunch at Buca….garlicious!  I then put KT down for a nap so my Mom and I went to The Bead Monkey.  My Mom made out like a bandit and got all kinds of fun beads.  I got 1 bead, just 1.  After KT (& my Dad) got their naps in, I took my parents to church (which they liked) and then we went back to the mall for dinner.  When we got home, the horror was upon us.  My Mom had brought us Valentine’s treats consisting mostly of chocolate and for some reason, Tumbles decided they smelled mighty tasty to her.  I don’t get it?  The dog (almost) never gets into things she shouldn’t so why did she think now would be a good time to try and kill herself is beyond me.  Luckily my years of working at a vet clinic paid off in avoiding a trip to the Emergency Vet (beaucoup bucks!) by making her throw-up at home.  I made her drink a butt-load of hydrogen peroxide, DH provided the aggitation and within a few minutes I got to clean up the most disgusting looking chocolate ever!  The Weed is fine now but I doubt she learned her lesson.  I’m actually kind of glad my parents were there so they could keep KT occupied while DH & I babysat the dumb dog.  Anyway, sunday we had breakfast and got these pictures:
Da Fam  Grandparents & KT
Can you believe KT comes from this gene pool?  Let’s just hope she’ll turn out normal
So my Dad gave me a Gameboy Advanced SP that someone had left in a trade in car.  It was pretty beat-up but it had the backlight that my Gameboy Advanced lacked, so I decided to keep it.  Well, my Dad thinks he knows who it belongs to and asked for it back so naturally I said "sure."  I was no worse off, it was free and I already have a GBA.  Well, he went ahead and bought me a new one to replace it which he totally didn’t have to do, but I was appreciative nonetheless!  I’ve been playing with it instead of knitting….which isn’t good because I have a serious backlog of yarn that needs to be used up!  I did manage to finish the first Broad St Mitten and I even weaved in the ends.  I’ve cast on for the second mitten so hopefully I wil have them both done in time for this crappy weekend weather.  Here’s part of the first mitten (the flap hasn’t been added in the pic):
Broad Street Mittens 2
So far, so good!
It’s bedtime, here are a couple pics of my little punkin’:
Everyone's a CriticYes, this was blatently stolen from Crazy Aunt Purl.
Up Close
Have a good day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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2 Responses to Uuugh, It’s Everywhere!

  1. susan says:

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  2. Unknown says:

    She is such a little cutie! Bummer about the chocolate incident… At least you knew what to do and didn\’t have to go to the emergency vet.

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