Obsess Much?

Not I!!!  No…never!  Okay, sometimes. 
Today after SnB, I took pissy-KT to Coldwater Collaborative.  Deb was working and she immediately directed me to the Supermerino.  I bought colorway 102 & 123 and the website does not do it justice.  The 102 is more golden yellow with green, red & brown flecks and the 123 looks almost exactly the same as this:Supermerino 1 only the green isn’t as lime-y, more of just a normal green color.  Purchase at Coldwater+102 (I got at Depth of Field)=Obsession.  Yeah, I have issues.
Deb also asked me about the socks she is working on for the Knitting Olympics (you can read her entry about her troubles with toe-up socks on her blog).  I must admit the first time I did toe-ups I didn’t like it all that much….then I discovered the magic loop and I was hooked!  Anyway, the color Deb was using was a really nice rose & green color Supermerino (ha ha I converted her) and the sock looked good despite her "eh" feeling about it.  It feels good to be a guru
As I mentioned before, today was SnB day.
Anne was working on a purple striped sock and was swatching for a sweater
Georgia was knitting a pretty purple beaded scarf
Chris was almost done with her replacement green fuzzy hat
Kelle was knitting the Forest Path Stole (you can read more on her blog entry)
Sue was working on a bag from Folk Bags
Poor Sue realized that her stitch count was off so she had to scrap the progress she had made.  I can feel her pain.  Anyway, I should appologize because KT was a total pill the last hour.  I think she was tired (& teething) because she fell asleep on the way to Coldwater (of course).  She was much better this afternoon.
Well, I think that’s enough.  I will leave you with a picture of my homemade socks.  Have a good day!
Sock Gallery

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Gorgeous socks!!!

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