One Crafty Chick?

Well, I was going to post last night but the computer was having an emotional breakdown and decided to not connect to the internet.  This morning it was feeling better so I was able to get online which was good because I might have started hyperventilating without the internet  just kidding
I’ve been in kind of a crafty mood the past few days so I made these:
Marble Magnets 1
I just followed the instructions at Not Martha and it was a lot of fun!  The one thing I changed was that I used 5×7 index cards because the glue seaped through the printer paper.  I’m going to send some to the fam, I think they’ll like them; if not, TOO BAD!  I also gave the sheep to the Stitch ‘n Bitch ladies today.  Speaking of which, here is a recap: 
Meleah was working on a fuzzy orange baby sweater
Christine was knitting another ‘jumper’, this time it was for her son (or herself if he doesn’t like it)
Sue was working on the second 1/2 of her Folk Bag
As for me on the knitting front, I finished my Broad Street Mittens Finished Broad Street Mittens 2,I frogged Jessica’s pulsewarmers because I didn’t like how they were turning out so now I’m back to only 1" from the beginning, the baby sweater is coming along slowly but surely, the lace socks are starting to get on my frickin’ nerves, & because I’m a glutton for punishment I started on another pair of Supermerino socks.  Okay so back to the lace socks, it’s not that I’m not cut out for lace, but I keep screwing up on my stitch count.  It’s not a complicated pattern but I keep forgetting to do the yarn-overs so the "V’s" aren’t lining up like they should.  I realize no one else will see it but it does bother me.  And because I’m crazy (or something), I started on a pair of Supermerino socks.  When I first got the yarn I thought that it looked "springy," but as I am knitting it up I think it looks more "autumny."  I still really like it and it will look perfect in the fall (and earlier when I finish them).
And now I will talk about shoes as Meleah had before me.  Last monday(2/13) I ordered a pair of shoes from Teva and they arrived 2/20.  They were super cute, very comfy and too big  I don’t get it, I have 2 other pairs of sandals from Teva and both of them fit perfectly at a size 8.  The Kira’s were clearly a size too big, (I could fit my finger between my heel and the shoe) and I don’t know if it’s because it is a shoe and not a sandal or what.  So I had to mail my new shoes back and hope that the new size will fit.  It has this cool feature where you can take out the insole and use it as an indoor flip-flop, nifty!
Have a good day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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3 Responses to One Crafty Chick?

  1. Unknown says:

    Congrats on the Broadstreets! Those magnets are pretty nifty… I might have to try them…

  2. Unknown says:

    Don\’t give up on the lace socks!  Missing yarn-overs is actually the easiest lace goof to fix because you can just pick-up a loop on the next row.  I can show you next time you stop in (sneaky way to get you to come in more often cause you were so much fun last time!!).  The Broadstreets are darling.  I also meant to comment on the dyeing…Amy and I have been talking about doing a Fri-dye (Friday) night yarn dying event.  Any interest in participating???

  3. Elizabeth says:

    LisaD wasn\’t able to post so here is what she e-mailed me:
    "I just love the marble magnets. Aren\’t they so much fun to make? Amy received some knitting related ones from one of her knitter secret pals….and I just had to try them for myself. I admit, yours turned out so much cuter than mine.Also your mittens are to die for. Really…very very cool."

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