So Behind!

Geez, I’m totally behind on everything!  The laundry, dishes, blogging, reading blogs, etc, etc.  The good news is that KT had a good time with the visiting family.  I’ve uploaded a sampling of pictures in my photo album.  Here’s how the weekend brokedown:  saturday, I worked at the vet clinic, spent the afternoon cleaning and the IL’s got in late; sunday we drove through downtown Minneapolis & St Paul and went to a local park; monday we went to the MegaMall and DH got quite a few outfits for work and I got new shoes & the new Harlot book and we had dinner at a unique pizza place; tuesday we went out to lunch for DH’s birthday and the IL’s made their way home.  I was hoping they would have stayed until wednesday so they could watch KT while I went to SnB, but alas, they all had to work.  And speaking of Stitch ‘n Bitch, here’s what was happening: 
Anne had made some progress on her sweater
Connie was working on Cascade Fixation loopy socks for one of her daughters
Kelle was knitting a peach doily and showed us the progress she had made on her Forest Path Stole
Meleah was sewing up the blue raglan baby sweater
All very fun!  I was working on my sherbert swirl socks & Connie told me that I have smaller feet than her daughters…yes, she was including her 11 year old.  I was also swatching for a toddler sized Blackberry.  I’m not a fan of the horseshoe cable but I do like the wheat-ear cable.  I know, I know, they are almost identical, but I’m picky.  I’ve been trying to draw out on knitter’s graph paper what I want it to look like so I won’t have the same problem that I’ve had in the past (*cough* baby *cough* sweater *cough*) Excuse me!
So I know the 1st was "flash your stash" day, but I did not flash.  Besides, you’ve all seen my stash
yummy yarn
Not much has changed (click on pic for a larger view & labels).  Besides, how could I top Amy, Kelle, Grumperina or Wendy (she was my favorite, by the way)?
Now on to Project Spectrum!  I have indeed be working with yellow; 2 pairs of yellow socks to be exact!  Both Artyarn’s Supermerino, although one was a transition since it is both yellow and pink.  I’m almost done with the first pair I started on (they were the autumny gold with red, green & brown) so I’d like to finish those first.  We shall see! 
On a sadder note, Meleah‘s grandfather died this past week and yesterday was the funeral.  If you could just think of her or say a little prayer, I think she’d greatly appreciate it
Well I think that’s long enough for now.  This is why I hate to go so long between posts, it’s like I have to write a really long one to catch up or something  Oh well!  Have a great day!!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to So Behind!

  1. Unknown says:

    Whew! I feel tired just reading about your week! ;)I think you need to buy some more yarn!

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