Have You Seen This Woman?

Do you think this looks like me? I guess it kinda does, but KT looks like some kind of demented anime baby…and she has brown eyes like her daddy, not blue like me.  You know it’s odd, I always figured that DH & I would have a child with black hair (like him) and blue eyes (like me) but KT has strawberry brown hair (I guess that’s what you call my color) and brown eyes (like him).  I suppose we could still have a child with black hair & blue eyes…we shall see!
On to knitting!  For some strange reason I’ve had the urge to knit washcloths, so yesterday I made a trip to Coldwater Collaborative and Deb hooked me up with some Cotton Chenille & some Bam Boo.  I saw a program that showed bamboo towels and basically said they’re great.  Well, Deb showed me the ball band & it said that bamboo is naturally antibacterial, how cool?  I just made a generical washcloth with the Bam Boo, but with the Chenille I used to make a Reverse-Bloom Washcloth (featured in IK Winter ’03 and Weekend Knitting).  I’m going to block them tomorrow along with the mini Blackberry I made for KT.  My second Project Spectrum FO for this month!  I’ll post pics tomorrow…things always look better blocked…I wonder how bamboo blocks?  hmmmmm, food for thought.  Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to Have You Seen This Woman?

  1. Cute says:

    very cute ^^ I enjoyed it 😛

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