Still Tired

I made it back to Minn!!  Although I still don’t think I’m caught up on my sleep….so why am I blogging instead of sleeping?  Good question.  Here’s how the last few days have gone for me…
I worked saturday morning at the pet hospital hoping to get out early, but we had a client come in late for a non-emergency that had been going on for almost a week.  The worst part….they had time to get McDonald’s  Jerks.  Anyway, KT & I left for Illinois in the early afternoon and made it just in time for my Grandfather’s party.  My Mom & her sister both had some funny stories and nice things to say about their Dad, very sweet.
Sunday we went to church and spent the day with the family.  We ate at Happy Joe’s (a local pizza parlor) for lunch and went to my Dad’s community concert in evening.  My masochistic side decided to leave EARLY monday morning to come home.  Tuesday, I did a whole lotta nuthin’.  Wednesday I ordered Saucy Sport from Patternworks and went to Stitch ‘n Bitch.  Here’s what happened:
Sue was continuing on her Four Seasons socks
Christine was knitting a brown mulit-colored sweater
Connie was adding the ruffle to her I-80 poncho
Meleah was working on a mini sweater and showed off her great looking Jaywalkers
Anne was learning the Kitchner stitch for her sweater underarm
I myself brought my Party Apron & Mary Ella….again, I am masochistic.  I’ve seen a couple finished Mary Ella‘s and think they look really cute, but I gotta tell ya, those size 0000 needles (yes, 0000, [1.25 mm] check out Purse Paradise to see how tiny they are) are going to make me blind.  I actually bought the needles last year because I was going to make the beaded cuff, but I didn’t get the right sized thread and just gave up.
On a sadder note, a couple people I know have spent some time in the hospital.  My Aunt Peggy (Mom’s sister) has an infection which I believe is a result of GI trouble and fellow SnB blogger Lisa had surgery (you can read her story on her blog).  If you could just say a little prayer for them, I think they would appreciate it
I have a ridiculous number of WIP’s that I should either finish or cut my losses.  I should also be practicing spinning on my new spindle. 
DH wants me to play with his hair and I should probably hit the hay.  Have a good day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    I feel like that about my WIPs… but I never do anything about it…

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