Well, the fam and I made it back to Minnesota in one piece…..barely!  First went to my hometown, well, actually I went to the Quad Cities first, then my hometown.  I tried to find a store called the Caprock, but was unable to locate them.  Luckily there was a dog park nearby so that gave the Weed a chance to stretch.  Then I met my Mom at the local Ben Franklin.  The first time I went to this particular store, I was very impressed with their selection of yarns.  Of course they had the prerequisite Lion Brand, but they also had sock yarns as well.  Actually the first pair of socks I ever made was from yarn purchased at Ben Franklin.  But I digress…..I bought more sock yarn (like I need it), Kroy Socks to be exact (Krazy Stripes colorway) and I think I’m going to need Tabi socks like in the new issue of IK!  The rest of the time I was in my hometown, I just sort of hung out with the ‘rents.  Of course I had to hit a couple of local things like Bishop Hill and Happy Joe’sBishop Hill is a city settled by Swedish Immigrants in the 19th century.  It was a communist settlement so it didn’t last long, but the town still stands and had some quaint, fun shops and delicious restaurants.  I had a Lingonberry Sparkle at the Red Oak restaurant and I was very close to buying the Lingonberry concentrate!  I could go into more detail about the delicious scandinavian food, but I won’t bore you further.  Another staple of my hometown visit is Happy Joe’s.  Very good pizza.  Part of the reason I enjoy their pizza so much is that the sausage is tiny…very tiny.  Anal retentive, I know.  Anyway, after spending quality time with the fam (Mom, Dad, Bro, SIL, Grandma & Grandpa), I made the trek to Chicago.  The Windy City, The City of Big Shoulders, The Stinky Onion….blah, blah, blah, you get the gist.  The traffic sucked, but I made it in one piece.  And DH and I shared a one bedroom apartment with his sister and her boyfriend….oh, did I mention that DH’s mom and brother came up too?!  So if you’re counting that is 6 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 dog in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment…..good times!!!!  Saturday night DH, KT & I met my friend Meggan and her boyfriend Joe and their friend Jesse for dinner.  It was good to see Meggan & Joe and Jesse was a nice guy so that was cool.  Sunday we met one of DH’s high school buddies for lunch and had dinner cooked by Steve, which was quite delicious.  We went to the Children’s Museum monday and I’d like to say that KT had a good time, but I think her father and uncle had more fun than she did!  There was a water exhibit where kids could build a fountain out of pipe pieces but DH and BIL decided that it would be more fun to try and get the water to go out of the tub and onto the floor, but they got KT SOAKED in the process.  I won’t even describe what they did in the Big Backyard area!!!  That evening we had pizza at Lou Malnati’s and that was gooooood.  We left for MN wednesday morning and luckily the house was in one piece when we got back
So now for what you came to read….KNITTING!!  Well, I did get some knitting and some spinning done in my hometown, but I got nada done in Chi-town.  I did, however, start and finish The DaVinci Code on the trip.  I would have to say that the book was good overall but there were some parts I would call fromage.  If you want something that’s suspenseful and doesn’t require too much thought, I would recommend it.  I did like the ending; I don’t know why, but it was good.
Well, I think that’s all I’m going to write for now.  I have A LOT of pictures I need to download so if I get some free time tomorrow I’ll do that.  Also coming soon, the adventures of the sock!  Have a good day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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