The Adventures of Lindsey’s Sock!

Well, to be perfectly honest, the sock didn’t do much on vacation.  First we went to a dog park in Milan so Tumbleweed could stretch her legs and naturally the sock had to relax too:
A lovely day to relax
While I was at my parents’ I tried to help keep things clean so I would do the dishes in the morning while my Mom was at work.  The sock was no help at all!
Lazy sock!
We went to Bishop Hill for lunch and the sock enjoyed the open-faced turkey sandwich with lingonberries and dill dressing along with the Toll-house sundae.  The sock really liked the dala horse!  Later the sock checked out the Colony Store which had plenty of sweets, toys and assorted Scandinavian gifts:
The sock is such a flirt! What a show-off
My Mom got me a cinnamon roll at the Colony Bakery but the sock was not allowed to have that!  On friday before we left for Chicago, my family took me to Happy Joe’s for delicious pizza.  I think the sock had more than its share, personally:
I said you could have *a* slice
The sock for some reason decided to crawl into bed with Andrew.  I’d say it was something sortid but to be honest we all tried to wake him up so I think it was just the sock’s turn to try.
Try poking him
As you can tell from this photo spread, I am not nearly as creative as the Yarn Harlot, nor did I get very much of the sock done while I was in Illinois.  Oh well, there’s always next time!  Have a great day.

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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