Improper Use for a Salad Spinner

I got a salad spinner when DH and I got married and I only used it once and it was too messy, but I have found a new and better use for it.  I have completed my first true spinning project.  I know that not many of you are spinners so I won’t go into too many details.  I will say that I spun up some regular old wool and I plied it.  After it was plied I needed to set the twist so I put the yarn in water and took it for a spin in my salad spinner.  It worked like a charm!  The yarn came out pretty dry, not totally but more than I’d expected. On saturday I dyed some of the roving just to see what would happen and spun it in the salad spinner and it dried overnight.  So for those of you with unused salad spinners and who like to get your yarn wet, now you know how to use it!!
So I spun up the roving that I dyed and it was SO FUN!!  I’ll have to post a process pic so you can see how it went from point A to point D.  I also picked up some more roving from Creative Fibers.  It’s a Merino/silk blend in a pale blue and I have no idea what to do with it.  We shall see.  Although I haven’t done any spinning in the past few days because I’ve been trying my darndest to finish Via Diagonale….AND I DID!!!!  Well, I’ve finished the knitting and now I just have to line the thing and it will by totally done.  I’m going to head out to Joann’s tomorrow to pick out some fabric for lining it and the Buttonhole bag as well.  Hooray
Wednesday was S’rB day and we had a new knitter in our midst…well, she wasn’t a new knitter just new to our group.  Shelly of the Heathen Housewife joined us along with her 2 daughters.  KT had fun drawing on paper (and herself) with Shelly’s older DD.  KT also played with Lisa‘s DD and her "friend" Kit.  Here’s what we did:
Kelle-was knitting bazaar socks for her DD
Shelly-was working on a mitred square baby blanket which looked amazing!
Anne-was still getting her ‘skiing’ socks right
Sue-was knitting another adorable felted bowl
Christine-was needle-felting a pillow for a friend back in New Zealand
Meleah-was knitting a sheep dishcloth for a friend
Lisa-was working on a pink/red hat in Malabrigo for her DD.
That’s all for now, I’ll post pics later.  Have a great day!!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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