Envy of the Neighbors

Yes people, we are the envy of the neighbors. Why, because we got new windows installed!  They look great and hopefully they will work much better this winter.  It wasn’t like we needed them right this second, but I couldn’t open some of the old windows and they were drafty and they would stick so DH & I decided that maybe it was time to update a little.  We’re also supposed to be getting a new door for our deck.  I’ll have to post a picture of that when it gets installed (hopefully soon).
Today was S’rB day:
Lisa-joined us after her dentist appt and was working on her baby log cabin blanket
Meleah-was knitting her DH’s 2nd sock.  She’s determined to finish her DH’s socks before me….I think she’ll succeed
Shelly-was working on her toe-up sherbert Jaywalker socks
Sue-was knitting the sleeve for her Pinwheel Sweater and she was wearing her Kimono Vest
Kelle-was back in the forest, ie, she was working on her Forest Path Stole
Christine-was starting a sweater for a friend of her’s who’s about to become a grandmother
Connie-was working on her 2nd Forest Canopy Shawl
I was sewing the clasps into my Via Diagonale.  I also added a label to it:
Ain't It Cute?
It’s just a shrinky dink, but I think everyone liked the label more than the bag itself  I’ve also been trying to work on Lindsey’s socks and I knit a few rows on those when I realized that I forgot the rest of the plastic canvas for the second clasp.
Some other knitterly things I have found recently…for the month of October, Lolly is hosting Socktoberfest.  It’s in the same vein as Project Spectrum where you don’t have to knit socks.  Its just a celebration of socks for the month!  And I’m sure that everyone has seen this video, but I’m posting it anyway:  The Last Knit
And on a sad note, my Mom’s older brother Larry died monday of a heartattack; he was 66 years old.  His funeral will be tomorrow and his ashes will be taken to Wisconsin by his kids.  If you could say a prayer for my Grandparents, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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