Nordic Knee-Highs

All together now, aawwwee!
Pattern:  Nordic Knee-Highs from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Socks
Yarn:  Dale of Norway Baby Ull in Fuchsia & Spring Green
Gauge:  8.5 sts & 11 rows=1" in stockinette on size 2.75mm needles
Finished 9/24/2006
I LOVED making these little socks, it only took me like 4 days to make them!  I did make several modifications (shocking, I know) the first of which is the colors.  The pattern called for either a red/orange combo or a dark blue/light blue combo.  Not that I have a problem with those 2 it’s just that I kind of wanted something that would really stand out and be obnoxious  I also decided to make them in in opposing colors so they would match but still be different.  Nona had some great advice for stranded knitting and color dominance; I followed this advice making the contrasting color on each sock the dominate one so the pattern would really pop.  I also cast-on fewer stitches because Miss KT has smaller legs and feet than the smallest size.  I also had to adjust the decreases and the heel, which wasn’t too hard (just a little math).  The last change I made was on the toe.  I did a vertical double decrease (sl 2 as if to k2tog, k1, pass sl sts over k st) instead of the skp, k2tog.  I’m really not a fan of the way the toe came out, but I figure that part will be in KT’s shoe so no one will really see it.
Front & Back

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