Project Sluck

Guys, this is ridiculous!
You'd think I'd stop?!
I mean, seriously here!!!  In case you couldn’t tell, these are all of my UFO‘s and clearly, I have a problem and it’s called finish-itis….or I’m just a project whore, I haven’t decided.  Jessica of Rose-Kim Knits wrote about her issues with spinning and it got me thinking.  How many UFO’s do I actually have.  Answer:  8…….EIGHT!  What is wrong with me?!  In my defense, the Blue Hills hat was commisioned by DH 2 days ago, and I’m nearly done with it.  I must admit that I have been knitting this sucker super fast because I want to get it done so I can get back to the Norwegian Stockings which are awesome!!  I seriously think I’m in love with stranded knitting.  It is so fun to do and you see the pattern after just a few rows.   KT’s Tivoli is also almost done so I guess I should look at the glass as 1/2 full.
I haven’t spin in so long because I have this backlog of projects that I should seriously finish (obviously).  I’d like to say that I’m going to turn over a new leaf, but I think we all know how that goes!
Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to Project Sluck

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey Beth!  Your projects all look great!  But seriously girl – you need to get a couple of those biggies off the needles – so you can start the other projects on your wish list!!

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