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Where to begin…well, as I said before, my parents & my youngest brother came up to visit this weekend.  Aaron hasn’t been up to the MN before so we of course had to make the trek to the MegaMall.  Aaron took KT on a couple rides and she had a blast as you can plainly see:
Horsey! AGAIN!
Here’s KT getting her face painted:
I can't see it?!
It’s really too bad my parents don’t give her enough attention (and yes I’m being sarcastic).  My brother stayed with us and stayed up waaaaaay to late with DH playing video games and my other brother on-line.  I guess boys will be boys  Sunday we went for brunch and then my parents headed back home.
Since then, I’ve done a whole lot of nothin’.  Well, I did cast-on for yet ANOTHER project….because I am crazy.  I got my KnitPicks order thursday so of course I had to start my witchy socks *hee, hee, heeee*  I’m just doing a generic toe-up sock with purple & white stripes and black on the toe, heel & ribbing.  You can see them in the picture I took at S’rB today:
Sue, Lisa & Shelly Roxanne, Meleah & Christine
Speaking of which, here’s a quicky of what everyone was working on:
Roxanne-Thrummed mittens
Meleah-Turquoise sweater & baby sweater
Christine-baby sweater (adding the buttons actually)
Sue-sleeve for Pinwheel Sweater
Lisa-scarf for DD
ShellyJaywalkers & blanket
You can kind of see the stuff everyone’s working on in the pictures.  I also snapped these pics for KT feeding Shelly’s DD raisins….silly KT!
Have a great day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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