Snowdrop Shawl

From this:
To this:
The leftovers And this Bathtime
And finally, this:
All done!
Pattern:  Snowdrop Shawl by the great Yarn Harlot
Yarn:  KnitPicks Dye Your Own (now BARE) laceweight merino
Gauge:  Didn’t measure…it’s a shawl for cripes sake! I did use size 6 (4mm) needles
Finished 11/23/06
It only took 1 skein of the Dye Your Own to make this puppy (that’s 880 yds in the shawl), but it took a LONG time. Overall, I don’t know how I feel about this project. I’m not impressed with how it turned out. I think my main problem is that I have been looking at this for so long that I somehow expected it to look differently… maybe the blocking would make it, well, different. Puzzling, I know. I do think it looks pretty, though. I guess it’s not too shabby for my first real lace project.
Here’s a couple more pics:

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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