And You Are?

Yes, I am still alive.  Last week I had the misfortune of being ill….i.e. I had a cold.  Now normally this wouldn’t be too big a problem but DH was out of town so I had to entertain a 2 1/2 year old while trying to rest.  Good times.  KT goes through these phases where she wants to be around me every second of every day so naturally that happened last week.  Yeah.
So enough with the pity party, check out what I got:
My new toys!
Kinda dorky huh?  I know, I know, I’m a 30 yr old chick, not a 13 yr old boy.  Is it weird that I kind of wanted the pink one instead?  Don’t answer that!  Unfortunately I bought Animal Crossing: Wild World and it is wicked addictive!  I heart it  The game starts out where you have to pick a name for you and your town and you do minor tasks for one of the characters, but after that you just do your own thing.  What’s really cool is that you can play over WiFi with other people so a few days ago I played with my brother Aaron; he’s had is game for awhile so his town was much nicer than mine.  My bro helped me out by giving me stuff and letting me plant some fruit from his town (you can sell fruit to make money and "exotic" fruit has a higher price).
Well, that’s enough geeking out for now.  Let’s get on to some more important things…  
The only thing KT got from DH & me for Christmas was my modified Sheldon.  I know that might seem cruel or cheap, but to be honest, we knew she would get a TON of gifts from her grandparents.  Plus, she’s not going to remember Christmas 2006 as much as she’s going to remember subsequent ones, know what I mean?  So as I said, KT made out like a bandit!  She got toys, books, clothes, on and on and on!!!  You get the idea.  I just wish my MIL would TONE IT DOWN!!  She has gotten KT the most over the top toys for every birthday and Christmas so far.  Our house is only so big woman!  I’ve tried telling her, DH has tried telling her, but she just won’t listen!  Some people show love through food, DH’s mother buys stuff……*sigh*
Yesterday after S’rB, I decided I needed a little yarn love so I went over to Yarnzilla and got some Regia Silk, Nature’s Spun in Cherry Delight, Bit ‘O Blue, and Blue Knight and Cashsoft DK in Bella Donna.  I initially went in just trying to find something to make a new hat for KT since her old one is getting to be too small, but I got sucked in by the Regia and then I got to thinking that I could make a hat pour moi aussi.  And actually I was also thinking that since there is probably going to be quite a bit left over of my hat, I could make a few extras for charity.  That’s really something I’ve never done before but really think I should.  I spend all this time and money to make things for myself & my family that we all enjoy and perhaps there are other people out there who would it enjoy it as well.
Well, I think this post is long enough, so I’ll just say the usual.  Have a great day!

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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4 Responses to And You Are?

  1. Unknown says:

    I hope you\’re feeling much better from your cold. You have some awesome new toys (both electronic & fiber), I\’m jealous! 🙂
    limedragon :-: Harriet

  2. Unknown says:

    My three kids each have animal crossing and they are addicted too. We had to get three because they were fighting over the one we had way too much.  I probably should pick it up at some point and have a go at it, but I\’m afraid of getting sucked in as well.

  3. Unknown says:

    That last comment was from me…..LisaD.

  4. Jennifer says:

    You\’re such a dork and I love you for it.  I haven\’t looked at your "blog" (I\’m happily stuck in the digital dark ages, so you have NO idea how much I hate using quirky online lingo like "blog.") in quite sometime, but I thought what the heck and checked it out.  Sinia Elizabeth, you slay me.  I miss being able to experience your quirks up close and personal. 
    XOXO, Jennifer
    P.S.  I\’m jealous of Katie; I love the turtle you knitted for her!
    P.P.S.  Cool hair color too.

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