DH has let me borrow a new computer.  He’s pretty much stated that the other computer I was using was hosed.  Bummer….good thing it wasn’t really ours!  The downside?  I’ve got to copy ALL of my stuff over to the new one…and I have A LOT of stuff.  I’ve got a ton of pictures and way too much music.  DH actually asked why there is so much music on my computer and I just told him that I ripped every CD I own.  The man does not understand this because he just goes out and buys 1 or 2 mp3’s from an artist he likes.  I, on the other hand, like to purchase the whole album because I’ve learned that many of my favorite songs were ones not released on the radio.  Now, I know that I could just have DH buy me the album in mp3 format, but he takes forever to do anything (hello? 3 weeks to get my computer fixed?) so I’d rather not wait.
Now technically I’ve had this new computer for a week and just haven’t got around to blogging.  I’ve been mostly trying to catch-up on all of the blogs I read and really there aren’t that many.  I can read them on my PDA, but it’s a major pain in the be-hind plus my PDA can be a little flakey.
Now, if you don’t read Chris’ blog you should really check out her entry about a pre-SoC event involving a bathrobe and a kitten with claws.  What’s sad is she could have probably saved the robe and given it to a fashion designer who could have put it on a super skinny model and called it the newest trend for ’07.  Or maybe not……
So my next goal is to get some pictures uploaded so this blog won’t be so stark, then I’ll try to blog a little more often.  These are pretty high goals, but I think I can accomplish these to some degree.  Keep your fingers crossed just in case  Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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