What I *Meant* to Say…

Okay, so yesterday was actually a pretty eventful day.  I woke up feeling rather refreshed and decided that I needed to make the Endpaper Mitts by Eunny.  For some odd reason I thought they would look pretty cute in pink and red.  So I made plans to hit Yarnzilla after Stitch ‘r Bitch, but first I had to get my hands on some size 4 dpns (for the tea set).  I have wooden ones, but I really have lost the love for wooden needles in general and have fallen back in love with metal ones….I guess I’m coming full circle since I started knitting with metal to begin with.  Anyway, so before S’rB I ran to JoAnn’s to pick up a set of Susan Bates dpn’s so that I could finish the cup I displayed yesterday.  You see, I came to the realization as to why it has taken me over a year to complete another teacup, the wooden needles are a pain in the hands!  Seriously!  I started out with metal size 3’s and everything went fine, then I switched to wooden size 4’s and I started to lose interest again.  What I decided to do yesterday is when I switch to the larger size needles, I’ll use the smaller ones to cast-on for the next piece…kind of like preventing SSS except with teacups.  Soooo, I finished the teacup at S’rB and was feeling pretty good about myself and ran over to Yarnzilla to pick up some Baby Ull but alas, they were out of red….poo.  Okay, so time to rethink what I wanted my mitts to look like.  I remembered that I had some navy Baby Ull at home, so I checked to see what colors would look good with the navy.  I picked chartreuse.  Sounds gross but I assure you they look pretty good together and I think in the stranded pattern they will look even better!  I felt so clever that as soon as I got home I cast-on.  I’ve never tried the Italian tubular cast-on, but it turned out pretty good and I didn’t even have to hunt down waste yarn.  I did a couple rows on the mitt and decided I needed to do a little bit more of the tea set so I started on the creamer.  Annie Modesitt really likes I-cord…a lot!  I got to the turning ridge which is a horizontal I-cord stripe and man is it tedious.  However, I shall prevail!
So that was my more eventful day.  Deb left me a comment yesterday in regards to my brief entry and she pointed out that I just have to blog, it doesn’t have to be good.  Thanks for the moral support Deb

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to What I *Meant* to Say…

  1. Unknown says:

    Endpaper Mitts eh? I\’ve been thinking about those for a while. I\’ll let you get throught them first!

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