Have a good weekend?  I hope so, because I’m back!
Endpaper Mitts.  I love this pattern!!!!  Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!  Check out what I’ve done so far:
Oh, you want to see the actually mitt?
Ain’t it purdy?  I told you that the navy and chartruese look good together (the green is a little more subdued in real life).  True to form, I’ve already decided that I’m going to make fraternal twin mitts, i.e. navy will be the main color.  I guess I just can’t have anything match, or maybe it’s because I want people to see that they were not bought, but made.  That’s the beauty of making stuff for yourself!
Believe it or not, this stranded pattern is really easy.  If you’ve never done stranding before but would like to try, this really is the project for you.  The Baby Ull cost me all of $12 and it’s a small project (little commitment) so even if you find that fair isle isn’t for you, you aren’t out much time or money.  I’ve done most of what you see here just working when I get a free minute….or when I get sick of making tea cups.

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Oh – those are very pretty!

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