Here I say that I was going to write an entry for yesterday, but did I?  No!  Oh well, I was kept so busy that by the time I sat down to relax it was bedtime!  So here’s how yesterday went for me….
KT and I went to Anne’s house for a little S’rB and lunch.  I had to decided what I wanted to bring with me so I brought Lindsey’s sock & I picked up the gauzy sweater. The sweater had been lying in the naughty pile not because it had been bad, it had just been bor-ring.  Anyway, so we hung out and Anne cooked up some yummy food.  I got to pick Shelly‘s brain on the different blues available for food dying.  I’ve got some lime green roving and I really like the colors in the Del Mar mitts.  I’m obsessed with stuff for the hands, this month I guess.  I keep digressing, anywho, Roxanne showed me her Master Knitting project for the lace which was very pretty.  Meleah, Sue, Kelle & Connie were also there but I didn’t get a chance to ask them what they were working on  KT and I headed home just as it started to rain REALLY bad so naturally I headed to Target.  So after getting everything put away, the day wasn’t over but I was wiped out.  What really stunk was that I made the mistake of lying down and just couldn’t get up.  KT was already in bed so it wasn’t a big deal.  Now that I’ve looked at what was written out it doesn’t seem like much, but it sure FELT like a lot.
Today I made a quick trip to the OB to find out that I’m not anemic which is good, but now I feel like I’m being a big whiny baby.  I just remember not being so tired in my second trimester when I was pregnant with KT.  I know each pregnancy is different, but I had normal energy until I got back from visiting my folks.  Eh, what do I know.

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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One Response to Busy!

  1. Unknown says:

    Beth – maybe this is the new normal. Your older now than when you were pregnant with KT, you have KT now and you didn\’t then, you\’re much busier now because of KT. Relax – don\’t worry about it. Enjoy the ride. Listen to your body and do what it tells you to do!

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