Man, I was doing really good at the beginning of the month, but I’ve been seriously slacking on the daily blogging the past week…..eesh! 
I got a call from the library last week saying that a book I’d order a year ago was finally in.  Oh, I wish I could say it was ironic, but that’s not the correct definition so we’ll just call it a coincidence that I had just purchased the same book through KnitPicks.  Good grief.  I did go ahead and check out the book with the intent of returning it soon because I’m sure the next person on the waiting list would appreciate it…plus I’ll be getting my copy in a few days.  What book is it?  Why it’s Knitting Around by the ubiquitous EZ; apparently it’s a companion to her PBS video.  I swear that when I was a kid I watched her graft 2 ends of a Möbius scarf together on her show, but that’s not important.  I must say I enjoy not only her opinions regarding knitting, but also the stories about her family.  Basically, I’m returning it to the Hennepin Library soon so I suggest you request a copy.
I hope you enjoyed the last video I posted.  I made it awhile back but never gotten around to posting it.  It’s not the best quality since I did it by myself.  Anyway, here’s a picture of what I started working on yesterday:
I’m almost done with the first half of the roving.  I dyed the roving on saturday using food coloring and was hoping for more of a green and blue color, but it looks like it’s green and dark green.  Oh well, it’s still spinning up nicely and at the consistency I wanted. 
Well this is a rather random entry.  Hey, at least I’m posting!
Happy Memorial Day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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