Spinning & Swimming

Alright!  So I finished spinning & plying the pretty lime/emerald green roving I showed yesterday.  I can start up on the Del Mar mitts tomorrow after I wind it up into a ball!  Yea me:)  I finished it this evening so I’m going to try to get a picture tomorrow when there is natural light.  The plying gave it a barber poll effect which looks pretty cool with the two-tone green, but again I want to get a picture with natural light.  I’ve also been working on the gauzy sweater, which I guess I should also get a picture of sometime.
In other news, KT and I got new swimsuits today.  I want to enroll Miss Thing in swim lessons this summer and she’s still not quite old enough to take them by herself so that means I have to go with her.  Hooray, I had to get a freakin’ maternity suit (yes I’m being sarcastic).  I didn’t need one before, but now I do…bleh.  Of course this means I have to actually get around to signing up for swim class

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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