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OK, so my original intention was to post a couple of these every day so that you wouldn’t get too bored with them.  However, I forgot to blog on tuesday and my SIL was in town yesterday so I’m a little behind.  I’m going to go ahead and just list everything, BUT there will be pictures (click for bigger), which frankly will make any blog entry interesting
1 july
None of my favorite restaurants are open…..I’m very bummed by this.
2 july
KT’s 3rd birthday!!  Happy birthday little pookie!  DH blew up the crazy slide, we ordered pizza, my MIL brought the cake and decorations and I didn’t have to do hardly anything.  Gotta love grandparents.  KT has LOVED Finding Nemo ever since I first showed it to her so that was the theme for her party.  Quite an appropriate theme considering my MIL brought her boyfriend’s granddaughters along and they, KT, DH, and BIL all played on the water slide in FIL’s backyard.  I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time and KT got a ridiculous number of gifts.
Isn't this thing ridiculous? I think she likes cake DH's little bro, he's a ham
3 july
DH went out drinking the night before (something he doesn’t usually do) so he was pretty much useless.  KT & I had lunch with my friend Jenn and my former boss Rina at D’Arcy’s…..THE best horseshoes in town!  Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day with Jenn and KT got to spend time with MIL.  I miss Jenn, she’s one of the few people that "get’s" me.  *sigh*
4 july
Independence Day, happy birthday, America!!  DH once again set up the crazy slide and our friends, Kevin & Sarah came by with their 2 kids.  Even Kevin played on the slide with his DS & DD!  Oh, and we had Steak ‘n’ Shake again:)  After all that excitement, KT actually took a nap so I spent the afternoon working on the Dale sweater and watching Mythbusters; DH went to see Transformers with a friend & my BIL.  Once the sun set we, of course, went to go see fireworks.
5 july
Time to leave FIL’s and head north to see my parents.  Didn’t really do much, just hung out with my Mom & youngest brother and my Dad once he got home from work.  KT had a tea party in the "little house" with my Mom; I think my Mom might have enjoyed it more than KT.
6 july
I dragged DH to Bishop Hill because I wanted a Toll-House sundae.  He didn’t particularly care for the food, but he did enjoy the peach pie.  After lunch, KT, DH, Mom, Aaron and I drove to one of my parents’ friend’s house to go swimming.  Man did it feel good to just float my preggo kiester in the water.  Of course I still had to be on the ready in case my daredevil daughter decided to kamikaze herself (stinker).  That night my parents had a party for KT at Happy Joe’s; I looooove their pizza!  My grandparents were all there, Andy, Heather, Aaron, my Aunt Peggy, & my Aunt Debbie who was visiting from Ohio.  KT got even more presents, one of which was a little book my Mom put together about our trip back in May.
KT riding a dala hast in Bishop Hill What a cutie! I think it suits her?
7 july
After a yummy french toast breakfast, we packed up and headed home.  Somehow DH managed to fit all of our stuff into the car…I’m still trying to figure out if there was a black hole involved.  So we made it back to Minnesota safe and sound and a wee bit tired.  I think I’ve fully recovered at this point.
And here are 2 last pics of my grandparents with KT and my parents with KT

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