We made it back from Disney World and I was so excited to post some pics I’d taken with my phone that actually turned out.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), spaces has updated again and I need to download the new photo wizard…or rather I need DH to do it for me.  Le sigh
So, DH, KT and I went to the Magic Kingdom on tuesday and EPCOT on wednesday.  Just a little tip for those of you thinking of heading to Florida, pick a different month.  I’ve been to both Georgia and Florida in july and I don’t recommend it….pregnant or otherwise.  We still had a good time, though.  At the Magic Kingdom, KT got her face painted, rode quite a few rides, watched the parade and played in Ariel’s Grotto.  Another little tip, if you are planning on going to the Magic Kingdom, bring your kids’ bathing suits for Ariel’s Grotto.  There are little fountains in the ground so kids run around getting wet.  Sadly, the Haunted Mansion was closed for renovations so we didn’t go on that ride *sniff*  At EPCOT, KT wanted to ride Finding Nemo….A LOT!  The kid kept talking about that ride all day!!  We checked out the various countries of the World Showcase.  I always love the Norwegian pavillion….it reminds me of my Nana.  I also rub the troll’s nose for good luck….I need all that I can getWink  I got Mehndi done at the Morroco pavillion and one of the Cast Members wrote KT’s name in Arabic (which was very pretty) on the back of her mask*.  After we checked out the countries, KT got to play at the Innoventions buildings.  She particularly liked the testing at the Underwriters Laboratories where you slam doors and drop weights into TV sets.  If you don’t like loud noises, avoid that section, but kids LOVE IT!
So that’s pretty much it.  I had planned a much better posting, but without pictures it just isn’t the sameSad  Have a great day!
*EPCOT has "kidcot" sites where kids get to decorate a mask and at each country they get a stamp and a charm.

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