Why do we read such horrible stories to our children?  KT likes these little books that my grandmother gave to me when I was little and one of them is Rumpelstiltskin.  Where do I begin?  Number one, the girl’s father lies to the king about his daughter being able to spin straw into gold…if his daughter could complete such a task, why was he not wealthy?  Number two, the king (in this version) threatens to kill the girl twice if she doesn’t not spin an entire room full of straw into gold, but on the third room he says he’ll marry her if she can do it.  Yeah, because I’d really like to marry a guy who wanted to kill me for doing an impossible taskEye-rolling  Number three, if Rumpelstiltskin can spin straw into gold, why would he want the girl’s simple jewelry and then her baby?  I just don’t understand what this tale is supposed to teach kids.  I mean I understand some fairy tales teach that bad people will get what they deserve and good people will be rewarded for their kindness, etc.  I really do not like reading this story to her, but naturally she loves it….I don’t know why.
And now for knitting…….so I keep adding WIP’s to my Ravelry notebook, but I don’t seem to be changing many of them to FO’s.  I think this might be a slight problem, especially since the new Magknits is up and there is a shawl pattern that only takes one skein of Sea Silk.  I haven’t tried Sea Silk yet but it’s something I’ve wanted to get my hands on since I first heard about it!  The problem is that I would like to have a pattern in mind before I spend the beaucoup bucks on the yarn.  Yes, I do have a stash which is slightly overflowing, but most of the yarn in said stash has been ear-marked for a specific project…..as to whether or not it would be used for it’s original project is another story.  Anyway, I’ve promised myself that I would not even buy the yarn for the Blossom shawl until after I finish the baby’s blanket.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated enough to finish in a respectible amount of time……like say before the baby is born?
Have a great day!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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