A Weekly Blog Now?

No, I’m not in the hospital, I’ve just been introverted.  I’ve been really plugging along on the new baby’s blanket and really hope to finish it before the birth.  Not to mention that I’ve been trying to keep the house in some sort of order.  Last weekend, DH took KT to Chicago to visit with his sister so I had 5 days to myself……..*happy sigh*  It was really nice to have some actual ‘free’ time, not just KT-is-occupied-so-I-can-take-a-shower free time, but REAL free time.  I worked on saturday and went to a bridal shower/bachlorette party.  It was the most fun bridal shower I’ve ever been to!  We didn’t play any lame games but we did have some really tasty food which included a cake with a twinkie being used in an inappropriate mannerWink  Here are a couple pics:
Erica & Angie Alanna, Lindsey & Lizelle
The rest of the weekend I spent either doing nothing or cleaning.  My bathroom and kitchen haven’t been that clean in AGES!  And let me tell ya, it’ll probably be the last time the kitchen floor will be that clean in um awhile (my kitchen isn’t very big so it seems like a waste to mop it; instead I clean the floor by hand).
As I stated before, I’ve been really working hard on the baby’s blanket and you don’t realize how much of a joy it is to work on a sock with 56 sts when you’re working on a blanket with 200+ stsTongue out  I always keep a sock in my purse and whenever I pull it out I forget how quick a sock goes!  I really want to get back to my Dale of Norway sweater, but clearly the baby blanket takes precedence plus the sweater isn’t very portable.  I also want to get back to making the poncho sweater from the Girl From Auntie as well, but I need size 17 (12mm) needles.  I had cheap plastic ones and they were just AWFUL to knit with!  I’ll probably pick up the needles tomorrow while KT’s at dance class.
As usual, I think this entry is long enough…..the problem with weekly bloggingEye-rolling  Have a good week!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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