Peekaboo Mittens

Pattern: Peekaboo Mittens from Feb ’07 Magknits
gauge: 5.5 sts & 7.5 rows=1" on size 7 (4.5 mm) needles
Finished 1/07/2008
Technically these are based on the Peekaboo Mittens.  I used a different thumb gore and decreases for the tip and decided to do a one-row buttonhole for the finger opening and the cuff is a twisted rib (p2, k2tbl).  I guess you could say that the Peekaboo mittens inspired me, but I used a regular old mitten pattern.  I do like them and wear them, but I think if I were to make another pair I’d go back to convertible mittens.  The one-row buttonhold is really sturdy and has stood-up well to me poking my fingers through.  My only real complaint is that the Lamb’s Pride pills like crazy!  Otherwise it’s really soft, lightweight and warm.  Check out these pictures:
Hair tie stitch markers  Twist-tie stitch holder
I think these earn me the MacGyver badge baby!  I got some small hair ties for KT that came in all kinds of colors so I stole a couple to keep in my knitting kit.  The twist tie is like the ones that come on kids’ toys or electronics; they have a plastic coating instead of paper so it’s perfect for threading through stitches.  I totally recommend keeping one in your knitting kit for emergency stitch holding.

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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