Adventures in Stupidity

Oh my A-GAH!
So I’m finally caught up on my blogs at Newsgator but I’m still a little behind on my podcasts.  I listened to the Lime & Violet Podcast from december and became intrigued with Letterboxing.  Damn you Lime & Violet!!!  I’ve done a search for boxes in our area and found quite a few.  Plus there are some in central Illinois so I get check out those when we visit family!  Last monday I decided to try and find a nearby box.  Here’s the problem, it’s in a cemetery and this cemetery was covered in snow….a lot of snow and I wasn’t wearing boots, but I persevered and found the box!  Next problem, the box is frozen solid in place and no matter what I try I just cannot pry it looseSad  I was so dejected.  Here I’d found exactly what I was looking for and I had my fingers ON IT but I just can’t get it.
Here’s what my stamp looks like:
Kind of basic but I like it.  I guess I shouldn’t say it’s just "my" stamp as it’s meant to represent our family.  Check out Atlas Quest for more information.
 And because I don’t have enough on my plate, I’ve got a blog to document my exercise.  Yes, I’m working the couch to 5k again, but this time I want to actually compete in a 5k.  There’s going to be a race in the area mid May, but if I don’t feel I’m in shape by then I’ll try for the 5k in the fall or maybe even the race in my hometown over Labor Day.  Feel free to check it out and heckle me when I skip a few days:
Next time I might have knitting contentWink

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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