Fam Damnily 2

Oh yes, there is more!  DH’s family came last weekend (the 10th-13th) for a visit, but unlike my family they didn’t bring significant others and also unlike my family they didn’t stay at a hotel.  And to make things even MORE fun….KT’s birthday party was on the 12th.  So let’s count shall we?  Six adults + 2 dogs + 6 children + 2 of their parents=one slightly frazzled Beth (and I didn’t even count the cats)!!!  It wasn’t even having the in-law’s here that was all that stressful…it was the party that got me in a tizzy!  I have NEVER planned a party, birthday or otherwise.  I mean, I have had a few friends over for pizza or a movie but not an actual party, party.  Anywho, after the cupcakes were had and presents opened, I got to take a deep breath and heave a big *SIGH*Smile  The rest of the time was just hanging out with the IL’s and having them spoil the wee ones (mostly KT).  Here’s one of my favorie presents of KT’s:
Pink Lego’s!!  How awesome is that?!  If there were pink Lego’s when I was a kid you know I would have had them!!  As usual, there are more pictures in the July-December album.
…..And yes, KT enjoyed all 3 of her parties.

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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Look how grown up she has gotten!!

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