Let’s see, 29 days without a post.  Man I’m getting lazy!  I mean, I was already lazy but this makes me feel even lazier!  And it isn’t even as if I’ve finished any of my WIP’s as of late!  Well, I have been working on Blossom, a shawl from the now defunct Magknits and I am nearly done with it even after adding an extra set of repeats….but still! 
yes, I i$ ©r4zY 
What’s even more sad (as if anything else could be so tragic) is that there are still boxes to be unpacked.  And yeah, I know a lot of people go years before the unpack EVERY box in their new homes, but I just hate it when I walk into KT’s room and see the boxes in her closet.  What I really need to do is just bite the bullet and DO  IT!  Which of course includes getting rid of old toys she no longer plays with, clothes that no longer fit and all the stuff that she just plain doesn’t need anymore.  And I know that if I just do a little each day it’ll eventually get done, but I feel so overwhelmed when I think about it.  I’m pathetic…what can I say.
In other news….I got a job!  I’m working part-time at a nearby vet clinic as an assistant.  As before I’m only working saturdays, but it’ll be nice to get out of the house & give DH a chance to spend some time with the kids (i.e. get a taste for what I do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY).
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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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